R Team Huddle
Guerrilla Style Share Group

R Team Huddle –
Guerrilla Style Share Group

  • Every Tuesday at 8:45a.m. till 10:00 a.m.
  • Location – R Marketing headquarters

A share group is focused on growing your business through best practices, tried and true behaviors and new technologies and programs. R Team Huddle consists of business owners and executives who thrive on learning and improving themselves and their business.

Shared in these Meetings:

  • Live discussions with Best Selling Business Authors
  • Guerrilla Marketing Techniques and Procedures
  • Case Studies – Best Practices
  • Special Guest Presentations
  • Problem Solving / Solution Finding

Because we have guest speakers, bestselling authors and a proven training program there is a cost and interview process to insure members are committed to this group.  This will also insure that we keep the best and the brightest members of the group. However, it is completely free to come visit our sharegroup 2 times per year.

Note: This is not a Networking Group.

Many people make the mistake of thinking a share group is another networking group, but it is far from it.  Thankfully we all have several networking groups that do a good job in getting referrals and new clients.

Benefits of becoming a full-time member

  • Weekly access to our exclusive mastermind meetings
  • The official R Team Huddle Bio binder
  • Your own BIO for every member.
  • Every member’s personal BIO
  • Access to our exclusive R Team Huddle Sharegroup Facebook group.
  • Access to every GREENLIGHT brainstorming note page.
  • The opportunity to present your own products and services to the sharegroup.

How can I become a full-time member?

  • Submit a membership application to a R Team Huddle Captain.
  • Interview with a captain and member of R Marketing
  • Pay the yearly none-refundable membership fee of $550.00


Steve and the group are incredible people! They all are very sociable and experienced in marketing, in helping entrepreneurs increase their effectiveness and reach. I love Steve’s guerrilla marketing ideas. I really appreciate my association with the entire team. They’re all incredible!

Steve Dragon, Nikken International, Inc.

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