PR University

is a strategic plan that builds upon proven practices helping businesses learn new techniques to increase success quickly.

PR University is the process of developing a strategic plan that is focused, taking advantage of all opportunities and using guerrilla style marketing methods to emotional connect with those we wish to serve. We plan to use the following 8 sessions to frame our plan and strategies:


  1. Determine Our Position in Our Market. Our Strengths and Opportunities. Competition etc.
  2. Determine the Type of Customer That Will Bring Our Company the Best Results Long Term.
  3. Create a Strategic Plan to Articulate and Communicate Our Message in a Manner That Will Resonate and Build Emotional Connections.
  4. Increase Likability and Loyalty by Delivering a Service to Our Customers That Exceeds Their Expectations
  5. We Will Position Our Company to Be Newsworthy to Gain as Much Free Exposure as Possible.
  6. We Will Develop a Unique Plan That Is Strategic and Tested to Insure We Get the Best Results for The Resources Spent (Resources – Both Time and Money)

PR University    – FREE Media works Better!

PR University is designed to help any size of business or any business leader to gain proven methods to get news coverage and gain stronger word of mouth, viral advertising.  With a past as an executive media buyer, Reich has relationships with every major media office in the USA. Through these relationships, he has been able to highlight various company stories that are newsworthy. We assist many companies in learning how they can get Free – No Cost, and Low Cost forms of PR and Advertising.


Steve and the group are incredible people! They all are very sociable and experienced in marketing, in helping entrepreneurs increase their effectiveness and reach. I love Steve’s guerrilla marketing ideas. I really appreciate my association with the entire team. They’re all incredible!

Steve Dragon, Nikken International, Inc.

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