R Marketing Dept.

The Mojo that encompasses R Marketing Dept. is one of creativity, fun, and explosive growth. Using proven strategies we are dedicated to igniting a wave of viral-likability to your brand and your products or services. We have an executive team of experienced marketers that meet with regularly with business leaders and influence positive growth. Our company is led by Steve Reich, a Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainer, Best-Selling Author and Award Winning Marketer. In addition to his expertise we have other proven professionals excelling in strategic sales, marketing administration and creativity.

Proven Success

Ridiculously creative underdogs fighting for the entrepreneur.

At R Marketing Department, we believe there is a better way to market. The templates of past marketing do not work today. We have found new ways to Educate, communicate, and to cheer on those who have earned our respect.
Gut decisions made by clients and customers are the result of influencers and communications that resonate. We brag that there is not another company that does this better. We want to be on your team!

We have an UN-FAIR advantage when it comes to Marketing.  Our executive team is made up from entrepreneurs that survived and thrived in the marketplace.  We literally helped WRITE THE BOOK on Guerrilla Style Marketing. Our expertise allows our clients to benefit from Low-cost and No-cost options to make emotional connections with their prospective clients.  We love to serve Business Owners by helping to educate them on best-practices and the latest developments in marketing.  Some of our clients want us to teach them what to do – others want us to do it for them.  We have programs for both.  Included in these efforts are:

  • Positioning / Market Strength Finding
  • Targeting – Segmentation
  • Influencer focused marketing options
  • Social Media – Best Practices
  • Event Planning and Execution
  • Marketing Funding – Grants / Coop /etc.
  • Mail – Direct Mail, Email, Shared Mail etc.
  • Calendaring Planning
  • Implementation


A Team Of Professionals

Steve Reich


Steve is a contributing author to the Best-Selling Book Guerrilla Success. This last fall Steve accepted a Quilly award for Best Selling Author as his book hit Best Seller status in just three days.

Braiden Reich


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Suzanne Adams

Office Manager

Suzanne considers herself a word-nerd and is in charge of publishing client articles which have been picked up by well over 100 news publications. She is quick-witted and adds her flair to the creative ideas always being generated at R Marketing.


What We Do Best

PR University

is a strategic plan that builds upon proven practices helping businesses learn new techniques to increase success quickly.

Business Growth Blitz

Multiple Businesses meet together each week for 8 weeks, to learn quick and easy strategies to increase their business results.


Step by step instruction about everything you will need to prepare your product to get retail or on-line distribution.

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